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What is AML360?
What is AML360?

Find out what makes AML360 the preferred compliance software for anti-money laundering.

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AML360 is software designed to assist businesses easily meet their anti-money laundering compliance obligations.   The software includes -

  1. Risk Profiling

  2. Transaction monitoring;

  3. PEPs and Sanctions screening;

  4. Geography risks;

  5. Case Management

Our team knows what anti-money laundering compliance officers need and we know what government supervisors expect.

We have combined our expert knowledge to develop AML360 to ensure that profiling, monitoring and reporting are simplified and that compliance obligations are streamlined.

Our products have been developed with small and medium sized businesses in mind - we offer one of the lowest priced compliance software services.


The AML360 software simultaneously carries out the identification, analysis, monitoring and reporting of compliance obligations. This streamlined processing of data significantly reduces resourcing commitments for meeting regulatory requirements.

By reducing compliance resourcing through streamlined data management, businesses can dedicate greater resourcing to business growth.

Maintenance of records

The need to move and collate paper records is eliminated.  compliance records are electronically filed in an easy to use data base.

For businesses operating with multiple branches, this means audits and AML supervisor inspections can be easily administered.

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