Risk Profiling

AML360 can provide 'ready-to-go' profile modules or a business can design their own.

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AML360's risk profiling software can be used for any type of profiling, including business risk assessments, customer profiling and compliance reviews.  There is no limitation to the type of risks that can be profiled. 

Users have one of three options -

  1. As a Ready-to-Go profile module; or

  2. As a Dashboard to enable businesses to design their own profile modules; or

  3. Engaging our consultants to design and develop the module.


AML360's Ready-to-Go profiles have been designed by our experts. With the ready-to-go option, users simply login and immediately deploy the profile.

Fully Tailored

Businesses that are confident in independently managing AML compliance can subscribe to the AML360 dashboard and design their own risk profile.  Once the profile is developed, it can be deployed as often as required.

Engage our Consultants 

If you require a fully tailored profile but need a helping hand to develop it, you can engage one of our consultants who will assist you to determine the most relevant risk drivers for your profiling needs.

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