Permission Levels

Accessing the dashboard can be assigned to five different levels.

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Client Login
Each dashboard can have only one authorised account holder who  has access permission to develop profile modules.  This access is known as 'client login' which is also the dashboard 'owner'.

The client login has the following permissions -

  • Setting the Divisions, Data Inputs and Scores of profiling data.

  • Assigning persons to access the Reports Register or deploy a profile module.

  • If a business has several branches, a client login can view all profiles across the group or drill down to view all results from an individual branch. 

  • Deleting from the Reports Register.

  • Adding Tasks for Admin personnel.

  • Viewing all entries in Task Register.

  • Deleting from the Task Register.

Persons who have Client access are likely to be the Head of Risk Management or the AML CFT Compliance Officer.

There can only be one client login.

The user with permissions as client login is determined at the time the dashboard is subscribed to.

With a client login the user is able to add other users with various permissions.   The level of permissions are described below.


Persons with Executive permission can deploy a profile module and view all profiles across the group.  Permissions assigned to an executive include -

  • Deploy profile modules;

  • View all profiles in the risk register;

  • Analyse all profile data

Exclusions include -

  • Unable to delete from the register


Those assigned ‘Admin’ rights are not able to view profile data entered by other users.

Access at Admin level allows –

  • Deployment of the profile module;

  • Viewing of the Reports Register;

  • Analysing data for the profiles that the Admin user submits;

Exclusions include -

  • Unable to view all profiles across the group

  • Unable to delete from the register

Access at Admin level would include back office and front line staff who deal with customer onboarding.


An example of persons who may be assigned ‘user’ access include front line staff who are authorised to enter data profiles but are not permitted or required to view Tasks.

*Persons with ‘User’ authority can submit a profile and view their profile entries from a risk register. However they are not able to view profile entries submitted by others.

A user has the following permissions -

  • Deploy a profile module;

  • View the profiles they submit from the Reports Register;

  • Analyse data from the Reports Register

Exclusions include -

  • Inability to access the Task Register.

  • Inability to delete from the register.


An example of persons who may be assigned ‘view’ authority include senior managers, executives, board members and auditors.

A person assigned ‘View’ access does not have permission to deploy the profile module but can view all entries in the Reports Register and Tasks Register.

A permission of ‘View’ is not able to delete any entries.

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