Task Management

After the Task Action has been created, the Task Assignee is responsible for ensuring management of the required actions.

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The Task Assignee should record their actions in the relevant file note. This allows tracking and reporting to be undertaken.

Maintenance of File Notes

The Task Register will ensure maintenance of management notes.

Once an action is entered into the File Note and saved, it cannot be removed.

Task Reviews

The Task Owner can log into the Register at anytime and quickly ascertain progress and Task status.

Tasks that are Open will be shown as a Red highlight.

Tasks that are Closed will be shown as a Green highlight.

Recording Actions Taken

To add Case Management file notes, the following steps should be taken:

Step 1

Select the ‘Note’ icon from the Task Register:

Step 2

A File Note will display. Case Management notes that have already been entered will be shown. To add further notes, click on ‘Edit’.

Step 3

A text box will appear. Enter required text.

Step 4

After entering text, click on ‘Save’.

The most recent update will be recorded in the Task register.

The red indicator in the register will indicate the case is still ‘Open’.

Step 5

When the Task Action is complete the status can be changed from ‘Open’ to ‘Closed’.

To change the status to ‘Close’ click on the “Close’ link at the end of the File Note.

The green indicator in the register will indicate the case is ‘Closed’.

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