AML/CFT HealthCheck

An AML/CFT HealthCheck will confirm your compliance status.

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The AML/CFT HealthCheck evaluates over 70+ compliance hotspots within five categories of -

  • Governance

  • Client Due Diligence

  • Ongoing Monitoring

  • Record Keeping

  • Management Reporting

The evaluation report will provide:

  • An overall compliance risk score;

  • A risk score and rating for each primary Division;

  • A risk rating for individual elements within each Division;

  • Your qualifications to support each rating;

  • Prompts for strengthening any identified weaknesses.

Use cases of an AML HealthCheck:

  • Evidencing governance controls are in place;

  • Providing operational data to your auditor;

  • Confirming to an AML Supervisor controls in place to manage risks;

  • Informing senior managers and executives on internal issues;

  • Assuring third party stakeholders that AML/CFT compliance is adequately managed;

  • Carrying out an annual internal review;

  • Supporting an AML/CFT compliance program.

Where your compliance status is shown to have weaknesses, your report includes information on how your business can strengthen and improve policies, procedures and controls. You can use the case management feature to track and remediate any issues requiring attention. When matters have been remediated, update the HealthCheck for an improved compliance rating.

Your subscription to the AML/CFT HealthCheck tool provides access for 12-months. During that time your business can run an AML/CFT compliance evaluation at anytime.

  • STEP 1

You will receive an email asking that you set a password:

  • STEP 2

Confirm password and click on the "Login" link:

  • STEP 3

The link will take you to the login page. Once logged in, click on the 'Profile' icon in the menu bar.

  • STEP 4

Select 'HealthCheck' and click 'Continue':

  • STEP 5

Enter the email address that will receive the compliance report:

  • STEP 6

Enter a unique identifier for your business.

Do not use a date reference or year in the unique ID. The date of the entry will be recorded in your online register.

As this is a unique identifier, you should not use your full business name. Use an acronym that will not easily identify your business.

  • STEP 7

For each data query, select the level at which you rate your current status., based on your knowledge of controls that are currently in place. The definition of the risk ratings are as follows:

  • STEP 8

For each data query you must click on 'Notes' and provide a brief qualification to the selected rating.

  • STEP 9

Proceed through and respond to each data query. Once complete, click 'Calculate'.

Your compliance report will display on screen and a copy will be sent to the email address provided at commencement.



After clicking 'calculate' the page will load with results. A loading icon will display on screen (see Figure 1).

Wait until the page is fully loaded before exiting out of the page. Exiting out of the page before the page is fully loaded may result in the risk report not populating to your risk register.

Figure 1


To prevent loss of work and unseen distractions, save your entries from time to time.

When you recommence, select the option 'Saved' from the dropdown list and click 'Continue'.


Your report will include a primary heat map and display the compliance risk of each division as shown below:

For each Division, there are separate heat maps. These heat maps represent 70+ compliance hotspots (sample below):

The compliance report includes your qualifications to each rating, as well as system prompts for strengthening policy, procedures and controls:


When you need to update or edit your report, login to your account and select 'HealthCheck Report' from the dropdown list on the Home page:


From the register you can update the evaluation report:

Edit / Update report

View report on same page

View report on new page

View heat maps

Delete report

Case Management

From the register you can activate an action or update a file note:

When a case is open, the register will show a red indicator. When a case is closed the register will show a green indicator.

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