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What do I get with AML360 Business Assessment?
What do I get with AML360 Business Assessment?

We save you frustration and significantly reduce your time to meet compliance.

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AML360 was a pioneer in developing an online business risk assessment for measuring anti-money laundering and countering financing of terrorism exposure. We released the first online assessment in 2013. Since that time we have enhanced the design and type of information that our clients receive.

What do I have to do to complete the risk assessment?

We have made the interface really easy. The first step you have to do is register for the risk assessment here.

Once you are subscribed, you will receive instructions to log into your account: click here.

What does the risk assessment provide?

Heat Maps

The risk assessment provides a report setting out a high level heat map to show your risk rating for each primary risk area that businesses are required to assess. You also receive an overall risk score which is displayed on a risk gauge.

Risk Report

Your risk report provides the risk level and risk score for each primary risk division. You can compare these scores to the risk matrix to understand where within the rating range your business sits.

The report provides you a table showing the data that was measured, what the results of that measurement were and why that particular data was used for the risk assessment.

Finally the report gives you prompts and tips to assist in the development of your AML/CFT programme.

Key Risk Drivers

For each primary risk division your report includes heats maps for each risk driver that influenced either a higher or lower risk rating.

When viewing these heat maps you can instantly identify those areas where your programme requires a higher level of controls. This is the primary purpose of the risk assessment - to enable you to identify higher risk areas and therefore guide you in the development of policies, procedures and controls.

Guidance Manual

You receive an extensive risk assessment guidance manual. This manual will assist in your preparation and ongoing maintenance of your policies, procedures and controls.

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