Once a risk profile has been updated, the report will be filed in your online register. From there, you can add a file note to the update. Notes can be used for reminders or setting an action:

Step 1

To make a file note, you first click on the 'looking glass' icon. This will display a file note.

Step 2

Click on the "Edit" tab which will open an edit box. Add the file note then click 'Save'.

Step 3

The file note will show a 'Red' indicator to display that a file note has been added and an action is required or the matter is still active and requiring attention.

Step 4

To review the file note or provide further updates, click on the 'looking glass' icon.

Step 5

If the matter is no longer relevant or active, the matter can be closed:

Step 6

When a matter is closed, it will be displayed as a 'Green' indicator:

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