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Log Action for Customer Profile
Log Action for Customer Profile

This article explains how to add a file note to a risk profile.

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For each profile recorded in the register, you are able to add file notes that are specific to that profile. The file note can relate to any matter. It may include an action point such as a task or to highlight any information requiring noting.

Administering file note entries is undertaken from the register in the 'Activity' column.

Add or View a File Note

Edit and Save a File Note

Open and Closed File Notes

The Activity indicator will show as 'red' meaning a matter is 'open' and requires attention, or 'green' meaning an action has been completed and the matter is now 'closed'.

When a matter is closed, it should not be deleted but left to allow tracking of actions taken.

Open = Red

Closed = Green

Deleting a File Note

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