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Easily keep track of client updates through the case management register. Set deadlines, priorities and assign responsible persons.

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AML360 gives you the tools so you can meet your obligations of client ongoing due diligence - an area that many businesses find problematic at time of audits.

AML360 provides a case management / task register linked directly to the client risk register. From the task register your business can keep track of all ongoing due diligence requirements for your clients such as keeping client records up-to-date, noting any client communications relevant to monitoring, as well as transaction / account activity.

Set Deadline Dates

From the task register you can set deadline dates, set the priority of the task, assign responsible persons and record actions that have been undertaken.

Open and Closed Tasks

Once the task is entered, it will be filed in the register displaying the due date, the priority status and whether the case is open (red indicator) or closed (green indicator).

File Notes

Clicking on the eye glass will allow updates to be entered into file notes. Once a entry is made, it cannot be removed.

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