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How was the AML360 risk assessment developed?
How was the AML360 risk assessment developed?

Learn why the AML360 risk assessment is a reliable methodology for analysing ML/FT risks.

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The AML360 business risk assessment has been developed with reference to regulatory guidance material.

Additionally, our systems have incorporated a risk based approach by adopting international principles as published by the Financial Action Task Force.

The software enables your business to readily identify those areas where your business should commit a greater level of policies, procedures and controls, and conversely where your risk is lower, reduce the resourcing levels in those areas. This meets the principles and objectives of an AML/CFT risk based approach.

The results of your AML360 risk assessment will allow your AML compliance officer, as well as senior managers, to have a reasonably informed judgement on the likelihood of your business unwittingly facilitating ML/FT.

In doing so, the AML360 risk based methodology meets legislative expectation.

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