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What do I get with the AML360 firm-wide risk assessment?
What do I get with the AML360 firm-wide risk assessment?

AML360 provides a comprehensive report to allow business owners and compliance officers to understand ML/FT risks.

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With the registration you receive a comprehensive business risk report and a guidance manual.

Your risk report allows you to meet your regulatory expectation of carrying out a risk based assessment to enable you to understand the vulnerabilities that your business presents to facilitating money laundering and financing of terrorism. Your risk report also illustrates those areas that are vulnerable and require a greater level of policies, procedures and controls.

Your AML360 risk report includes -

  1. Individual heat maps for (a) nature, size and complexity of business, (b) products and services, (c) method of delivery, (d) customers and institutions and (e) geography;

  2. A risk matrix setting out the ranges for each of the primary risk divisions;

  3. A risk data report explaining why some elements present higher vulnerability;

  4. Prompts and tips for the development of your program, and

  5. A comprehensive risk guidance manual.

Registering for a risk assessment requires no credit card details.

Registration is simple: Click here

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