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Quick Guide to Risk Management
How easy can a business interpret their risk.
How easy can a business interpret their risk.

Learn how AML360 simplifies AML/CFT compliance.

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When you undertake the AML360 risk assessment your report will include heat maps and an additional data report explaining why certain areas have higher vulnerability. You receive a total of 7 heat maps representing the overall risk profile of your business, as well as a heat map for each primary risk division.

A heat map is a representation of data presented as colours that are linked to risk (see sample below).

Through the use of a heat map your business can quickly identify those areas that are vulnerable to ML/FT occurring. In doing so, your business can commit greater resourcing to manage and mitigate those risks, and less resourcing for the lower risk areas.

You can align each heat map back to your data report which provides a narration and description of the risk.

Your AML360 risk report also includes an explanation why certain data is used for risk measurement. Finally your data risk report includes prompts and tips to guide you in the development of policies, procedures and controls.

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