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Lawyers - AML Compliance Workflows
Lawyers - AML Compliance Workflows

Compliance does not generate revenue and any law firm will seek ways to reduce costs of meeting compliance.

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AML360's technology is leading the professional services industry by reducing AML compliance costs and increasing AML compliance efficiency. We have developed a solution for every aspect of anti-money laundering compliance by focusing on work flow automation. By focusing on work flow automation, AML360 significantly reduces human resourcing commitment which is commonly the greatest expense in meeting regulatory expectation. By reducing human resourcing requirements, not only do we reduce costs but our risk-based approach wrapped into automated technology is also hugely efficient in meeting regulatory obligations.

With the focus of reducing costs in anti-money laundering compliance, AML360 has developed user friendly, automated systems, for completing client onboarding, client risk profiling, monitoring of account or service activity, ongoing communications with the client and off-boarding. Each step of our work flow solutions simultaneously captures data for, profiling, monitoring and reporting. These work flows are automated by the technology, allowing the AML Officer or administrative clerk to log into their AML360 platform, note the report results and use the case management feature for any matters that require further action.

AML360's capability of significantly reducing the heavy workload of AML compliance upon administrative functions, enables law firms to operate with streamlined operations and achieve business growth.

By removing the burden of AML compliance, AML360 allows managers and executives to concentrate on achieving core business objectives

Get in touch with AML360 to seek a demonstration of our leading plug-and-go services that are tailored for law firms.

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